Museum, Gallery and Sculpture garden Yubi Kirindongo

Yubi Kirindongo built his colorful and eclectic residence by himself in the eighties of the previous century. It is located on top of a hill with a beautiful view of its surroundings. The gallery and sculpture garden offer an amazing collection of artworks by this renowned artist.

Opening hours

Museum, gallery and sculpture garden Yubi Kirindongo

Monday untill Saturday
10-12 AM and 2-5 PM
Sunday on request


Children (0 -7 yr) Free
Children (8 -12 yr) NAf 7,50
Adults NAf 12,50


Ser’i Kandela, address: Souax 390 (Kaya Reis)
Telephone: +5999 8693268 / 5130623 / 5146849


Yubi Kirindongo - Rebel in Art & Soul
Visit the museum of Yubi Kirindongo

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